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The North Wellington Open was a slightly different event this year, with many of the new Junior Divisions being trialed. This resulted in a fair few uncontested medals being awarded at the end of the competition.

The Academy Team was open for business, with a large team descending on Palmerston North.

The Team: Dan Bernal, Griffin Burkhart, Marcus Cole, Nat Elliott, Paulo Ferma, Lucinda Griffiths, Dom Hargaden-Sumner, Patricia Khaing, Theresa Khaing, Silas Keogh, Amelie Maree Mason, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Finn Moriarty, Maisie Morrison, Hayate Sato, Moka Sato, Luca Talarkiewicz, Brad Thompson, Ripley Thurman Ritchie, Alexis Tzeng, Aurie Tzeng, Vanessa Watson.

The Haul:

Gold: Finn M (2), Kieran M, Sean M, Hayate S (Ux2), Marcus C (2), Vanessa W, Lucinda G (2), Ripley T (U), Patricia K, Maisie M, Moka S (U), Paulo F (U), Dan B, Brad T (U)
Silver: Aurie T (2), Kieran M, Marcus C, Alexis T, Theresa K, Maisie M, Dan B
Bronze: Silas K (2), Nat E,