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Structure of the Academy

The Wellington Judo Academy is an Incorporated Society with charitable status. As such, there are official documents and rules that govern our club and its operation. There are also office holders and an executive committee that are charged with administering and running the club in accordance with these rules. The details of all of these aspects are below.

Current Executive committee and office holders. (Renewed annually at the AGM.)
President: Kevin Hart
Vice President: Garreth Morgan
Secretary: Matthew MacDiarmid
Treasurer: Allen (Brad) Teal
Instructor: Cameron Clarke
Club Representatives: Hugo Dewar, Matthew MacDiarmid

Charitable Status Certificate
Society Incorportation Certificate
Current Constitution and Rules

The 2024 Interim General Meetings and AGM are as follows:

6:30 Wednesday February 28th 2024 – Sprig and Fern
6:30 Wednesday May 29th 2024 – Sprig and Fern
6:30 Wednesday August 28th 2024 – Sprig and Fern
AGM – 6:30 Tuesday November 27th 2024- Dojo