Is Judo For You?

Come and Give It a Go


Finish the Year Competing

Lots of competitions are approaching before the end of the year. Give it a go or come along to watch.


Andrew Truman Seminar

Saturday 18th November 10-12pm & 2-4pm



A competitive sport, technical discipline and full body workout.


Wellington Martial Arts

One of the oldest Wellington Martial Arts clubs in New Zealand, The Wellington Judo Academy, is a family, young person, and child friendly place to practice Judo; a fantastic martial art. We offer the first four sessions free and without obligation for both kids and adult classes so its easy to give it a try.

Aged under 5 thru 65, we have a class to suit your needs. Whether you are a seasoned judoka looking to train Judo specifically, a newbie looking for some self-defense skills, or simply a bit of fitness and a few new friends. Come along, meet our community and give Judo a try.

Established in 1955, the Academy is one of the oldest Wellington Martial Arts clubs and we are still dedicated to the core values that was our genesis. Providing high quality instruction in the Japanese Martial Art of Judo to both skilled judoka and amateurs alike.