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The 2023 Wellington Open was somewhat smaller than previous years. Some clubs from around the country were conspicuous by their absence; perhaps a sign of the straitened times in which we live. In spite of this, the Academy put a good sized team forward to wave the flag. We had a few faces missing due to sickness or injury. The results achieved by the rest were pleasing.

The Team: Brad Thompson, Ripley Thurman Ritchie, Shalom Watson, Malcolm Wilson, Daniel Bernal, Griffin Burkhart, Cameron Clarke, Hugo Dewar, Lucinda Griffiths, Mila Haami, Angus Hall, Oliver Han, Dominic Hargaden-Sumner, Silas Keogh, Patrick Lam, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Jacey Mongkolsilpa, Finn Moriarty, Isla Morrison, Maisie Morrison, Hugo Page, Hayate Sato, David Foley Jr, Tarek Gilmour, Luca Talarkiewicz, Patrick Lam, Sparkles MacDiarmid.

The Haul:

Gold – Hugo D (2), Finn M, Sean M, Kieran M, Tarek G, Hayate S, Oliver H, Shalom (Uncontested), Angus H (Uncontested), Mila H (2: 1 uncontested), Lucinda (3: 1 uncontested), Alexis T, Isla M, Daniel B (2)

Silver – Patrick L,  Sparkles M, Daniel B, Sean M (2), Kieran M, Luca T, Mila H, Ripley T

Bronze – Kieran M, Finn M, Angus H, Isla M, Ripley T, Brad T,