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The 2022 National Championships held in Christchurch this year from 15-16 October was a particularly successful campaign for the Academy.

The Team: Griffin Burkhart, Sergey Arykov, Maisie Morrison, Isla Morrison, Lucinda Griffiths, Roberta Griffiths, Patrick Lam, Hugo Dewar, Alex MacMillan, Sam Power, Alexis Tzeng, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Angus Hall

The Haul:

Gold – Lucinda, Roberta (2), Hugo, Alexis, Sean, Kieran

Silver – Maisie, Kieran, Alexis

Bronze – Sergey, Isla, Patrick, Hugo, Alex (2), Sam (2), Sean, Angus

Congratulations also to John Maxwell who won Gold in his Veterans 50-59 -90kg class.