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Tuesday 1 February is the day on which Peewee and Junior Judo start back at the Academy.

A few things for families to take note of:

1. We have QR codes on display at the entrance of the dojo. Please use these.

2. To the right of the entrance is a tablet. Anyone 12 or over needs to sign in on this, and anyone on the mat regardless of age also needs to sign in. Please remember to sign out as well.

3. Please use the hand sanitizer provided upon entering and leaving the dojo.

4. Anybody 12 years, 3 months and over will need to have their Covid Vaccination Certificate scanned upon entering the dojo. We do this once and keep a record of the expiry date, so we don’t need to do it every night.

4. All spectators are required to wear masks whilst in the dojo.

5. Spectators (or family groups) need to remain at a distance of 2 metres from others whilst seated in the dojo. This will reduce the amount of room for spectators in the dojo during the Peewee and Junior Classes. While we are delighted to be able to have families back at the dojo, the rules do seem to be designed to limit the numbers we can accommodate.

5. Juniors arriving to their class are encouraged to come into the dojo, sign in, then sanitize their hands and wait outside on the landing, wearing their masks until the Peewees vacate the dojo. Anyone who needs to change can dash down to the changing rooms, then go back out to wait on the landing until their class starts.

6. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems. We are really happy that the Traffic Light System, whatever its shortcomings, allows the Academy to return to business as almost usual.