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Hi, All,

With Wellington’s return to Covid Alert Level 2 as of 11.59pm on Wednesday 23 June 2021 , there are some formalities which must be observed for the Academy to remain open.

1. Junior and Senior Classes will continue as usual.

2. All members 18 years and over will need to read and sign the attached Health Declaration for the Academy to keep for its records. Anybody under 18 years will need to have this form signed by a parent or guardian. We will have a supply of these at the door of the dojo.

3. For people who are training, contact tracing will be done via the club register kept by the coaches. For non participants, we will have a contact tracing register at the door. There is also the Academy QR Code on the door of the dojo.

4. We are keen to minimize the number of people in the dojo who aren’t training. Junior Class members should be dropped at the bottom of the stairs and bring their Health Declaration forms up with them. They can be collected from the bottom of the stairs at the conclusion of training.

5. Common areas within the dojo such as changing rooms and the kitchen are are off limits to members for the present. It is very important members bring a water bottle with them. Please wear judogi trousers to and from training and just put your jacket and belt on once you arrive.

6. Seniors waiting for their class to start will need to do so outside of the dojo until the Junior Class has all left. We are trying to have as little cross-over between the two groups as possible.

7. Please observe all the usual Level 2 protocols and if you are feeling unwell, please stay away and phone Health Line for advice of how to proceed.

For further information, please email me.