We are once again at Covid Alert Level 2.

We intend to carry on with training within the restrictions set, much as we did last time.

There are several important notices we will need you to read and take notice of for the Academy remain compliant at Level 2:

1. All members must fill in the health declaration. Please make sure you bring this in, or else fill one in at the door. Parents will need to fill these in for juniors. One form per member.

2. Anybody entering the dojo needs to enter their name and a contact number in the contact tracing register. Please make sure children know the phone number they need to write down when they come up.

3. Parents need to drop children at the bottom of the stairs and collect them shortly after the end of practice.

4. Seniors need to arrive as late as possible and avoid entering the dojo until juniors have exited.

5. Peewee Judo is cancelled until we return to Level 1. Apologies for this.

6. We would appreciate as few people entering the dojo who are not training as possible.

7. One of the more irritating rules foisted on us is the prohibition on use of changing rooms, so if you can wear your dogi trousers to training and bring jacket and belt in your bag, that will simplify matters.

8. When using the toilet facilities, please use the cleaning products provided to sterilise taps and other surfaces you touch.

We have been through this before. We need only follow the rules and wait for the eventual return of Level 1.

Your patience is appreciated.