A disappointing turn out from the Wellington Judo Association meant that this competition really deserved to be called the Koizumi Kwai and Wellington Judo Academy Friendship Shiai.

A great time was had by the members of the two clubs who did show up, with people being arranged into divisions based roughly on weight and allowing for the wide range of experience levels, from those who were almost brand new to Judo right up to those with Oceania experience.

Pools were roughly organised along lines of grade and experience level.

A Pool (Women)

First – Roberta Griffiths (Academy)
Second – Mya Hartley (Koizumi)
Third – Tara Stockwell Williams (Academy)

B Pool

First – Hugo Dewar (Academy)
Second – Oscar Quin (Academy)
Third – Sparkles MacDiarmid (Academy), Cameron Clarke (Academy)

C Pool

First – Will Rivett (Academy)
Second – William Healy (Koizumi)
Third – Sergey Arykov (Academy)

D Pool

First – Brad Teal (Academy)
Second – Jay Blair (Academy)
Third – Steve Webby (Koizumi)