Held once again at Wellington East Girls College on Sunday 30 September,

The Team: Sergey Arykov, Malcolm Wilson, Oscar Quin, Cameron Clarke, Jack Polly, Sparkles MacDiarmid, Maxim Zhilkin, Sam Power, Jay Blair, Ethan Campbell-Smith, Hugo Dewar, Isla Morrison, Maisie Morrison, Roberta Griffiths, Lucinda Griffiths, Francesca Sigal, Caitlin McGirr, Ruby McKenzie, Peri Shaw, Hayley Shaw, Alexis Tzeng, Qona Christie, Sarah Tench, Aeryn Tench, Jaxon Vincent, Maxym Arykov, Arturo Neale, Niko Neale, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Aurie Tzeng, Moses Buda, Nico Buda, Hayley Shaw, Peri Shaw, Adam Byrne, Tom McKinnon, Camille Girard, Tarek Gilmour, Kaija Jaugilas, Josh Pomfret, Miles Vincent

The Haul:

Gold: Sergey A, Hudo D (2), Cameron C, Maxim Z (2), Oscar Q (2), Josh P, Tom Mc, Camille, G, Aurie T (2), Nico Buda, Qona C (3), Caitlin Mc, Francesca S,
Roberta G, Alexis T, Isla M, Lucinda G (2)
Silver: Malcolm W, Maxim Z (2), Cameron C, Jay B (2), Sam P (2), Kaija J, Adam B, Tarek G, Sean Masuda-Morgan (2), Jaxon Vincent, Caitlin Mc, Peri S, Ruby Mc, Hayley S
Bronze: Jack P, Sparkles, Sam P, Ethan C-S, Niko N, Arturo N, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Francesca S, Isla M, Alexis T

Some noteworthy events:

Several of our newcomers to competition taking medals, including Tarek and Kaija beating orange belts from other clubs.

Alexis getting a 2 second ippon in one fight.

Nico B and Jaxon having a 9 and a half minute fight after going into extra time.

Sparkles struggling manfully on in his division against the mystery illness which laid him low the morning of the competition.