Held at Kapiti College in Paraparaumu, this year’s North Islands were kicked off in style for the Academy with the promotion of Dougal McLellan and Qona Christie to Shodan. The kata exam was held at the beginning of the first day of competition.

The Team: Hugo Dewar, Sparkles MacDiarmid, Al Rivett, Qona Christie, Jack Polly, Sarah Tench, Oscar Quin, Jay Blair, Dean Banks, Roberta Griffiths, Francesca Sigal, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, James Stockwell Williams, Aurie Tzeng, Lucinda Griffiths, Isla Morrison

Gold: Jay (2 – 1 uncontested), Oscar (3), Aurie (2) Qona (2), Sarah (Uncontested), Isla (Uncontested), Lucinda (2)
Silver: Jay, Dean (2),
Bronze: Hugo (2), Sparkles, Al, Sean (2), Kieran, Francesca, Roberta

Isla was moved up a weight class and had more than once fight where she fought her way to Golden Score. Sarah was back into competition after a long lay off and keen to get as much mat time as possible. Several of our people got multiple gold medals.