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There was a good turnout from the Academy at the Blue and White, sadly not even attended by some other clubs.

Supporting the event on this rainy Sunday were Koizumi Kwai, Wainui YMCA and Kapiti Judo Clubs. Great enthusiasm was shown by all involved and there were several newcomers to competition who distinguished themselves, by effort as much as achievement. There were no boring bouts, and generally clean technique an commitment to positive, attacking judo.

The Team: Roberta Griffiths, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Aurie Tzeng, Josh Pomfret, Lucinda Griffiths, Isla Morrison, Jack Brunel, Camille Girard, Tom McKinnon, Arden Grove, Eva Maora, Izyah Maora, Mana Maora, Lucas Talarkiewicz, Blake Shepherd, Maisie Morrison, Zacharie Girard

The Haul:
First: Josh Pomfret, Jack Brunel (2), Roberta Griffiths (2), Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Aurie Tzeng, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Peri Shaw, Lucinda (2)
Second: Josh Pomfret, Blake Shepherd, Eva Maora, Tom McKinnon, Camille Girard, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Kieran Masuda Morgan, Hayley Shaw (2)
Third: Luca Talarkiewicz, Isla Morrison (2)

The next competition in the Wellington Calendar is the Chocolate Fish being held at Budokan JC on 17 June.

At some point in the near future Wainui YMCA may schedule a Chocolate Fish Competition to pick up the one they were unable to host in April.

Stay tuned for more information.