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A lot of people have graded successfully this year. No Brown or Black Belts, but then there’s always 2018.

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work working on improving their judo. The belt is not as important as the effort that went into earning it.

1 mon (1 yellow stripe): Luca Talarkiewicz, Anastasia Fedorva, Zander Stylianidis, Yasmeen Parbhu, Ruby McKenzie, Ailsa Galloway, Callum Galloway, Henry Bass, Brontë Fernandez, Jaidan Patel, Kalyan Hira, Miles Vincent, Jaxon Vincent
2 mon (2 yellow stripes): Patariki Nepe-Apatu, Wilson Cheng, Tom McKinnon, Sami Gus Bland, Mana Maora, Camille Girard
3 mon (3 yellow stripes): Isla Morrison, Lucinda Griffiths, Jack Brunel
5 kyu (Yellow belt): Caitlin McGirr, Amelia McGirr, Logan Sparks, Cameron Sparks, Michael Tench Jr, Josh Pomfret, Josh Donnell, Adam Byrne
4 mon (1 orange stripe): James Stockwell Williams, Tara Stockwell Williams, Aurie Tzeng
5 mon (2 orange stripes): Francesca Sigal, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Kieran Masuda-Morgan
6 mon (3 orange stripes): Roberta Griffiths
4 kyu (Orange belt): Aeryn Tench, Timon Vitalis, Evgeny Zhilkin
3 kyu (Green belt): Luca Carter, Ethan Wilson, Malcolm Wilson, Jay Blair, Emily Hill, Sam Power
2 kyu (Blue belt): Max Zhilkin, Mike Tench

Hukutsu no Seishin
Never, ever give up

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