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    3-4 September 2016. Walter Nash Centre, Taita, Lower Hutt.

This competition had the highest medal tally for the Academy at North Islands since the 18 we gained at the 2010 Nationals and 2011 North Islands: 23 Medals across 2 days.

The weekend was kicked off to a good start with Alex being graded to Shodan.

From here, there weren’t many times in the next 2 days where we didn’t have somebody on the mat competing.

The team: Cameron Clarke, Sparkles MacDiarmid, Al Rivett, Ben Shadmanian, Oscar Quin, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, James Stockwell Williams, Qona Christie, Raniera Ross, Emily Hill, Siam Hartley, Francesca Sigal, Dean Banks, Sam Power, Tara Stockwell Williams, Tess Burgoyne

Gold: Cameron (2), Al (2), Oscar, Qona (3), Emily (2 – 1 uncontested), Siam, Francesca
Silver: Qona, Raniera
Bronze: Cameron (2), Sparkles, Al, Ben, Sean, James, Qona, Francesca

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