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Graeme Spinks

Graeme Spinks Seminar 2015

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Saturday 22 August was a day which saw judoka from the Academy, along with Masterton JJA, Kapiti JC, Budokan, Levin JC and Nelson JC meet to train with Graeme Spinks, 7 Dan.

Much of the day was devoted to principles around dominating opponents using movement and grips to shift the opponent’s weight in different directions, largely in preparation for ashiwaza attacks.

Photos are here

Two senior sessions covered aspects of using ashi barai, before moving into ouchi and kouchi gari later in the day.

The junior session also looked at ashi barai before examining the some of the mechanics of tai otoshi and o goshi.

This seminar was a long time coming, and all the participants enjoyed themselves immensely.

Photos can be found on the Academy Facebook page as well as the photos page on this website.

Rick Littlewood

Rick Littlewood Seminar 2015

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Rick was on form for the weekend of 18-19 July, delivering as always a wide range of techniques from tachiwaza and newaza.

Saturday morning focused on a selection of newaza techniques from all categories and in the afternoon tachiwaza, with an emphasis on uchikomi.

A pleasant dinner at El Matador Argentinian Steakhouse (the pork belly is really nice, guys) was followed by a nocturnal stroll through horizontal rain for Mr and Mrs Littlewood.

Sunday had a certain amount of reiteration of the main points from Saturday and session focusing on both Tachiwaza, Newaza and a final demonstration of two of Rick’s specialty techniques – Ude Gaeshi and Hikkoki Nage.

Feedback from participants has been really positive, and Rick certainly enjoyed the chance to visit Patrick and the wider judo family in Wellington.

Also in attendance were our friends Colin Berry from Budokan JC, Simon Ogden and Katia MacKenzie from Masterton JJA, and Sam Varley from Christchurch Judo School.

Photos from this weekend are now on the PHOTOS page of the website which we can  be accessed via the JUDO page.

Watch this space for info about the Graeme Spinks seminar being held the weekend 22-23 August.