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Mark Robinson Photography

NZ Judo Championships 2015

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Tauranga hosted this year’s NZ Champs.

Our team was small, but with solid depth.

The results speak for themselves.

The team: Hugo Dewar, Sparkles MacDiarmid, Al Rivett, Qona Christie

Gold: Al (3), Qona

Silver: Qona, Sparkles, Al

Bronze: Sparkles, Hugo

Patrick Toner

Japan Masters Success

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Our most senior ranked member, Patrick Toner, (7 Dan) recently reached another milestone, getting a gold at the 2015 Japan Veterans International Judo Championships in Ureshino Japan in the 85-90 year old under 100kg category.

Congratulations to Pat on this achievement.

Mark Robinson - Wellington Closed

2015 Wellington Closed Champs.

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Another hugely successful year for us at the Wellington Closed Champs, held at Wellington East Girls College on Sunday 27 September.

Limited to members of Judo clubs in the Wellington Area Association, it was the first taste of competition for many at the Academy.

The results speak for themselves.

The Team: Sean Masuda-Morgan, Zhenia Zhilkin, Dean Banks, Oscar Quin, Ben MacLean, Al Rivett, Hugo Dewar, Siam Hartley, Roberta Griffiths, Qona Christie, James Stockwell Williams, Sparjles MacDiarmid, Francesca Sigal, Olivia Ross, Mya Hartley, Raniera Ross, Michael Tench, Kirean Masuda-Morgan, Max Campbell Smith, Timon Vitalis, Jayzien Blair, Adam Byrne, Bede Carr, Sam Power, Max Zhilkin, Tara Stockwell Williams, Ethan Campbell Smith

Gold: Sean, Zhenia, Max Z, Dean, Oscar Q, Ben, Al (4), Hugo (2), Siam, Roberta (2), Qona (4)

Silver: James, Sean, Oscar Q, Sparkles (2), Al, Francesca, Olivia, Mya (2), Raniera (3)

Bronze: Kieran, Michael, Max C, Timon, Jayzien, Adam, Bede, Sam, Max Z, Ben (3), Francesca, Tara