Results: 2018 National Championships. 27-28 October 2018. Christchurch.

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The Team: Hugo Dewar, Sparkles MacDiarmid, Al RIvett, Qona Christie, Oscar Quin, Sam Power, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Aurie Tzeng, Caitlin McGirr, Isla Morrison

The Haul-
Gold: Qona Christie, Isla Morrison, Aurie Tzeng
Silver: Qona Christie, Hugo Dewar, Al Rivett, Oscar Quin, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Caitlin McGirr
Bronze: Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Sam Power

Our campaign got off to a good start with Sparkles grading successfully to Nidan with Qona as uke.

Sam fought well in his junior men’s division the face of strong competition. He was successful on Sunday winning Bronze in cadets.

Oscy beat a brown belt on his way to the final where won silver.

Al’s absence from training due to his training for his new job didn’t seem to be too much of a hindrance in his way to a silver finish – his best result this year.

Isla’s first Nationals, in the Junior Girls division resulted in her winning gold.

Aurie “The Punishmentator” Tzeng, repeated his North Island performance, winning his Junior Boys division final in less than 20 seconds before winning the openweight final against Sean. An oft repeated combination in the final.

Caitlin stood out on the podium in her division, being the only yellow belt where the others were green belt.

Every member of the team bar Sparkles (toting his Nidan certificate) winning medals along with 9 in finals would make this one of our most successful Nationals ever.

The crowning achievement for the competition was Qona being selected as Judo New Zealand’s Judoka of the year for 2018, with an award of $1000 as part of this.

Hukutsu no seishin
Never, ever give up

Academy Tees are back!!!

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After a considerable period of absence, we bring you the new Wellington Judo Academy Tee Shirts.
Available in Black or Red, these sport the new logo courtesy of Walter Moala, graphic designer extraordinaire, on the front and the club motto in English and Japanese on the back.
Sizes run from Kids, Size 2 – 14 and Adult Size S – 7XL.
Cost is $30 each.
Please email or text Cameron if you want to make an order. He will give you an order number to put on your bank deposit.

Lost Tablet

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Somebody left a tablet at the dojo just before the end of the school term. Please contact us on the info interface on the homepage if you think it is yours.

Results: Wellington Closed Champs 2018.

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Held once again at Wellington East Girls College on Sunday 30 September,

The Team: Sergey Arykov, Malcolm Wilson, Oscar Quin, Cameron Clarke, Jack Polly, Sparkles MacDiarmid, Maxim Zhilkin, Sam Power, Jay Blair, Ethan Campbell-Smith, Hugo Dewar, Isla Morrison, Maisie Morrison, Roberta Griffiths, Lucinda Griffiths, Francesca Sigal, Caitlin McGirr, Ruby McKenzie, Peri Shaw, Hayley Shaw, Alexis Tzeng, Qona Christie, Sarah Tench, Aeryn Tench, Jaxon Vincent, Maxym Arykov, Arturo Neale, Niko Neale, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Aurie Tzeng, Moses Buda, Nico Buda, Hayley Shaw, Peri Shaw, Adam Byrne, Tom McKinnon, Camille Girard, Tarek Gilmour, Kaija Jaugilas, Josh Pomfret, Miles Vincent

The Haul:

Gold: Sergey A, Hudo D (2), Cameron C, Maxim Z (2), Oscar Q (2), Josh P, Tom Mc, Camille, G, Aurie T (2), Nico Buda, Qona C (3), Caitlin Mc, Francesca S,
Roberta G, Alexis T, Isla M, Lucinda G (2)
Silver: Malcolm W, Maxim Z (2), Cameron C, Jay B (2), Sam P (2), Kaija J, Adam B, Tarek G, Sean Masuda-Morgan (2), Jaxon Vincent, Caitlin Mc, Peri S, Ruby Mc, Hayley S
Bronze: Jack P, Sparkles, Sam P, Ethan C-S, Niko N, Arturo N, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Francesca S, Isla M, Alexis T

Some noteworthy events:

Several of our newcomers to competition taking medals, including Tarek and Kaija beating orange belts from other clubs.

Alexis getting a 2 second ippon in one fight.

Nico B and Jaxon having a 9 and a half minute fight after going into extra time.

Sparkles struggling manfully on in his division against the mystery illness which laid him low the morning of the competition.

End of Term 3/ Beginning of Term 4.

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Junior Judo.

The last practice of Term 3 is Saturday 29 September.
The first practice of Term 4 is Saturday 13 October.

Peewee Judo.

The first practice of Term 4 is Tuesday 16 October.

Senior Judo.

Classes continue as normal.

Seminar: Mike Bond, 6 Dan. 22-23 September 2018.

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Mike ‘Bondy’ Bond was a club member back in the 1960s during his days as a student. His trajectory involved many years in Japan and a stint coaching at University Judo Club in Auckland.

Now resident in Dunedin, Bondy was more than happy to come up for a weekend to teach. Mike’s style has been heavily influenced by the judo practiced at Doshisha University when Rick Littlewood and he were training there under Ebii Goichi and Mitsuro Kimura. Both of these famous sensei were exponents of Kosen Judo.

Bondy focused heavily on sutemi and newaza. Sessions were well attended by a range of members from near beginners to coaches.

We hope to bring him back to the Academy in 2019.

Photo is from Bondy’s flying visit in 2015.

Upcoming: Wellington Closed Champs 30 September 2018

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When: Sunday 30 September 2018.
8.30 am Weigh in. Please make sure you are on time or
contact us via text on 021 081 983 40 if you have been
delayed or cannot make it.
Finish time is difficult to predict, but typically mid
afternoon for this event. Please do not leave without telling Wendy or
Cameron – people often leave without realizing they have
more fights.

Where: Wellington East Girls College Gymnasium. This is down the
back of the college next to the netball courts and swimming

What: Bring Judogi, water bottle, enough food for the day and girls
need a plain white tee shirt to wear under their jacket. If it is a
cold day, competitors and spectators should dress accordingly
as it can get chilly in the gym.

Results: North Island Judo Championships. 2-3 September 2018.

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Held at Kapiti College in Paraparaumu, this year’s North Islands were kicked off in style for the Academy with the promotion of Dougal McLellan and Qona Christie to Shodan. The kata exam was held at the beginning of the first day of competition.

The Team: Hugo Dewar, Sparkles MacDiarmid, Al Rivett, Qona Christie, Jack Polly, Sarah Tench, Oscar Quin, Jay Blair, Dean Banks, Roberta Griffiths, Francesca Sigal, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, James Stockwell Williams, Aurie Tzeng, Lucinda Griffiths, Isla Morrison

Gold: Jay (2 – 1 uncontested), Oscar (3), Aurie (2) Qona (2), Sarah (Uncontested), Isla (Uncontested), Lucinda (2)
Silver: Jay, Dean (2),
Bronze: Hugo (2), Sparkles, Al, Sean (2), Kieran, Francesca, Roberta

Isla was moved up a weight class and had more than once fight where she fought her way to Golden Score. Sarah was back into competition after a long lay off and keen to get as much mat time as possible. Several of our people got multiple gold medals.


Rick Littlewood

Rick Littlewood: Tribute

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Garrick Lenin (Rick) Littlewood, Kodokan 8th Dan passed away suddenly on Tuesday 24th July 2018 at the age of 77.
Rick was one of New Zealand Judo’s colourful characters. He was New Zealand’s first Judo Olympian in 1972 and the first New Zealander to survive the Japanese University system.
In Japan, he trained under Ebii Goichi and Kimura Mitsuro of Doshisha University in Kyoto. These two famous Sensei were graduates of the Budo Senmon Gakko and acknowledged experts in Kosen Judo. Rick’s skill in newaza was famous both in New Zealand and in Japan.
Rick was many times New Zealand champion, won Oceania titles, and was a regular at the Kodansha Shiai in Tokyo where he received awards for his technical skill.
As coach of Judokwai and University of Auckland judo clubs he produced many great competitors over the years. His motto which is shared by the Auckland University Judo Club: There is no learning without pain.
Rick was a great friend of our Sensei, Patrick Toner, and they shared many escapades, both on and off the mat together. In recent years, Rick ran several very popular seminars at the Academy and has proven supportive of the development of many of our judoka. His first act whenever he landed in Wellington was to head around to Patrick’s house and go to breakfast/ lunch/ a drink/ dinner with him.
Rick’s funeral in Auckland was attended by hundreds of people. This event was a veritable who’s who of New Zealand Judo.
The Academy gives its condolences to his wife, Yumiko Littlewood, and his daughters Hikari, Lisa and Jun and their families.
Garrick Littlewood’s passing marks the end of an era for New Zealand Judo.
The loss of such a man makes the judo world poorer, and the world at large that much less interesting.
The Academy joins the Judo community and your family in mourning you, Rick.