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This is a great occasion. A chance for the Academy team to wave the banner and fight the good fight.

The Team: Brad Thompson, Nat Elliott, Aurie Tzeng, Malcolm Wilson, Dominic Hargaden Sumner, Finn Moriarty, Silas Keogh, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Maisie Morrison, Isla Morrison, Avery L, Theresa Khaing, Patricia Khaing, Oscar Olsen-Rodriguez, Oliver Han, Luca Mullins, Luca Talarkiewicz, Hayate Sato, Hazel Miller, Moka Sato, Michael Cable, Alex Miller, Carter Bader-Skipsey, Vanessa Watson (Team Manager)

Gold – Nat E (2), Malcolm W, Dominic H-S, Finn M (2), Kieran M-M, Isla Morrison (2), Theresa Khaing, Oliver H (2), Luca M, Luca T, Hazel M, Moka S

Silver – Brad T, Aurie T, Malcolm W, Finn M, Silas K (2), Maisie Morrison, Avery L, Theresa Khaing, Oscar O-R, Luca M, Luca T,

Bronze – Aurie T (2), Dominic H-S (2), Silas K, Patricia Khaing, Hayate S

At the conclusion of the competition was the Area Prizegiving. There are seven trophies awarded each year.

Wilkinson Sword Trophy for best performance in Blue and White Competitions – Oliver Han.

Wellington Judo Association Trophy for best Junior or Senior Girl – Lucinda Griffiths.

Cockburn Millage Trophy for best Junior or Senior Boy – Hayate Sato.

Emmett Hyde Trophy for best Boy or Girl 14-15 years old – Kieran Masuda-Morgan.

Interact Trophy “judoka of the year” – Roberta Griffiths.

Bushido JC Cup for best performance in Wellington Open and Closed Champs – Wellington Judo Academy.