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With Nationals being held at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua on the weekend of 7-8 October, we were certain to have a good showing, as we always do for home events. We achieved some excellent efforts and results.

The Team: Malcolm Wilson, Brad Thompson, John Woods, Patrick Lam, Brad Teal, Hiroshi Ito, Hugo Dewar, Hugo Page, Sparkles MacDiarmid, Vanessa Watson, Roberta Griffiths, Silas Keogh, Mila Haami, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Nat Elliot, Finn Moriarty, Aurie Tzeng, Dominic Hargaden-Sumner, Lucinda Griffiths, Isla Morrison, Tarek Gilmour, Maisie Morrison, Theresa Khaing, Patricia Khaing, Ripley Thurman-Ritchie, Hayate Sato, Marcus Cole.

The Haul:

Gold: Hayate S, Roberta G (2), Isla M, Lucinda G, Mila H, Hugo D, John W

Silver: Sean M, Kieran M, Marcus C, Vanessa W (2), Lucinda G, Ripley T (2), John W

Bronze: Hugo P, Silas K, Kieran M, Finn M, Sean M, Malcolm W