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On 25-26 April, the North Wellington Area Association hosted the first North Wellington Open for a couple of years.

Even post Covid lockdown era, the turnout for this event was quite small. In spite of this, the Academy sent a team who were determined to make their mark, and they did.

The Team: Brad Thompson, Finn Moriarty, Hayate Sato, Isla Morrison, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Nat Elliott, Luca Talarkiewicz, Lulu Griffiths, Maisie Morrison, Roberta Griffiths, Sam Power, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Shalom Watson, Will Rivett

The Haul:

Gold – Hayate, Isla, Luca, Lulu (4), Roberta, Will
Silver – Finn, Isla, Kieran, Sam, Shalom
Bronze – Sean, Kieran, Maisie, Nat, Sam