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An event not to be missed by Katanistas from Wellington and beyond.

A whole weekend of Goshin Jutsu tuition, from techniques, to judging and competition. All of this is being overseen by Bill Vincent Sensei, 8th Dan.

Questions should be directed to the workshop organizer, Doug Lloyd, 4th Dan at

This is the first time in New Zealand that a seminar will focus specifically on Goshin Jutsu.

The competition to be held at this event on the Sunday carries the possibility to earn promotion points.

The seminar will be held at Wellington Judo Academy, 132 Hutt Road, Kaiwharawhara. 

Entries need to be made on the JNZ website. Please talk to your club administrator if you are interested. 

Entries need to be made before 3 April 2023.

For more information on entry and payment