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A few reminders for this year as Junior Classes return.

1. Anybody coming onto the mat needs to sign in on the tablet at the door when they arrive and sign out when they leave the dojo.

2. Please wear footwear to the dojo. Remove this at the door and put them on the shelves. Make sure footwear is worn to the bathrooms.

3. Where possible, toilet stops should be taken before or after practice, or during the water stop in the middle of the Junior Class.

3. Students 7 years and older should, if possible try to attend classes at least twice a week. This is important for long term development.

4. Students 7 years and over should be learning to tie their own belts. This saves a lot of time for coaches during class. There are several videos on Youtube to help with this. This link is a good one.

5. If students arrive late, it is good manners to wait at the edge of the mat until invited on by one of the senior members.

6. If students need to leave early it is good manners to inform the coaches when they arrive.

6. Peewees do not need to worry about wearing a judogi. Parents can buy them an Academy Tee Shirt if they want, although this is not essential.

7. Please let us know if there is anything we can help with.