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The country has moved to a Red Traffic Light setting.

The protocols laid down by JNZ for our continued operation are as follows:

1. All persons 12 years, 3 months or over must present a valid Covid Vaccine Certificate on request.

2. Remember to sign in and sign out on the tablet upon arriving and departing the dojo.

3. We will be swabbing the mat surface more frequently during the Red setting.

4. We have room for a limited number of spectators, based on 2m spacing around the seating. Any spectators will need to wear masks.

5. There will be a need for the members of consecutive classes to wait outside the dojo at times to reduce the possibility of crowding.

6. Usual health requirements around the use of hand sanitizer and distancing whilst off the mat where possible stand.

7. If you are feeling sick, please stay away and don’t come back until you are feeling better.

There are a few bumps in the road ahead yet. Your continued support and co-operation will make them a bit easier to negotiate.