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After some less than stellar planning resulted in the competition being placed right in the middle of the holidays, we were short some of our team. We soldiered on with those who remained in Wellington.

The Team: Dean Banks, Cameron Clarke, Hugo Dewar, Roberta Griffiths, Mya Hartley, Siam Hartley, Emily Hill, Sparkles MacDiarmid, Kieran Masuda-Morgan, Sean Masuda-Morgan, Al Rivett, Raniera Ross, Francesca Sigal, James Sime, Ethan Wilson, Daniel Zhilkin, Zhenia Zhilkin, Qona Christie, Timon Vitalis

The Haul:

First – Qona (5), Al, Hugo, Cameron (2), Roberta, Mya, Siam, Emily (2), Francesca,
Second – Hugo, Cameron, Sparkles (2), Mya, Raniera, Daniel, Timon
Third – James (2), Sean (2), Ethan, Zhenia

Well done to the team on their success over the weekend.

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